5 Best Countries to Start a Business Now

Planning to start a business? Not sure which is the best place to start a business right now? Read this article and discover the best countries for developing your own business!

Starting a business company is not the easiest job in the world and entrepreneurs and investors have a wide array of places to choose from, but this just makes the process even more daunting. With so many places to choose from, it is sometimes impossible to make the right choice.

According to one research and to the U.S. News 2018 Best Countries Rankings, there are 5 best countries to start a business company. The research was based on 5 country attributes - cheap manufacturing costs, affordable, connected to the rest of the world, bureaucratic, and easy access to capital.

1. Singapore

You are surprised that Singapore is on this list? Believe it or not, starting a business in Singapore takes approximately 3 days, according to the World Bank. When it comes to regulatory performance, the Asian country ranks among the best economies in the world. This country is considered a high-income society that gives special treatment to minority investors. Singapore is known for its high level of infrastructure, English skills, public transport, and hospitality. It is ranked among the top countries in the world suited for starting and developing a new business and it is also one of the first to go with a digital system for public transportation.

2. Indonesia

Did you know that starting a business in Indonesia takes approximately 23 days? Yes, that’s right. Southeast Asia’s largest economy is perfectly positioned to boost and motivate entrepreneurs. In partnership with the International Finance Corporation, the nation’s government sponsors the Program for Eastern Indonesian Small and Medium Enterprise Assistance which helps to present and to promote local businesses, as well as, educate new entrepreneurs.

3. Mexico

Starting a business in this country takes about 8 days. Mexico ranks among the top 30 countries in the world when it comes to regulatory performance. This country has been known for its business registration reforms that led to a growth in the number of registered businesses. Another great thing about this country is that you can easily get credit. When it comes to registering a property, you need to know that it can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. The real challenge in this area is the high crime rates, according to Financial Times. There are lots of businesses that have been affected by robbery or theft.

4. Malaysia

Starting your own business in Malaysia takes approximately 19 days. The required paperwork that includes the majority of the new business registration process can be done online through the official website or the Companies Commission of Malaysia’s website. More than 50.000 limited liability companies used this simple process of starting a business and were created 4 years ago or in 2014.

5. Thailand

According to the World Bank, starting a business in this country takes about 5 days. New business density is probably one of the lowest in this region, leaving room for potential entrepreneurs. Even though this country is ranked among the most popular countries in the world to business decision makers, the businesses that aren’t Thai owner are subject to the Foreign Business Act. A lot of entrepreneurs in Thailand are limited, including tourism and rice manufacturing.

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We can conclude that countries in Asia are thought to be the best and most affordable countries to start a new business. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to check the list of Best Coun

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