What Are Drilling Machines And How They Work

Drilling machines are the type machines that are used to  drill, ream, bore, countersink, and tap on the surfaces. These machines usually come with a huge number of shapes and sizes. There are small drilling machines, used  traditionally for home repairing, then there are those  heavy-duty drilling machines that are used in huge construction sites, then also there are the larger drilling machines which are found in workshops as well as factories.


Drilling machines basically use a larger and cylindrical steel bar – which ranges from half an inch if we consider length to about six inches in normal usage and 72 inches for specific functions – that are available in numerous diameters. One bar is positioned on one end and contains extended spiral grooves surrounding its body. The spiral groove is usually edged sharply. The bar is recognized as the drill bit. The drill bit is usually kept and joined to a Morse taper part which is moved by a spindle joined to a motor inside of body machine. The motor can actually rotate at different speeds which are controlled by switches on the   covering of the drilling machine. Various drill bits of various sizes are used for many functions as the drilling machine does not only bore holes but also it does many other operations too, for example, those mentioned above. The smaller sized machines are the ones which usually drill, while the larger drilling machines that are referred to as drill presses sometimes.

Drill presses contain following  parts:

  • SPINDLE: The spindle is one of the major part in a drill press that keeps the drill or bit. It holds the bit usually within a sleeve only.
  • SLEEVE / QUILL: The sleeve is one of the primary holders of the spindle arrangement of the drill. It can be rotated parallel to its axis, and vertically too sometimes.
  • COLUMN: It is a very solid circular shaft that gives supports to both the head of the machine as well as the worktable. It is specially mounted on a  steel base.
  • HEAD: This is that part of the machine  where the spindle, motor, and also the feed mechanism are all attached to it.
  • WORKTABLE: The worktable is part of drilling machine which contains a large and the  flat surface where the object to be drilled  is placed. The worktable can also move vertically so that work is done in the easier way because many drilling works require a very ‘delicate touch’. There are many times however that   worktable is not required that is why it can also be moved by swinging it. The worktable itself can also be moved in its connection to the column so as to  accommodate numerous drilling angles.
  • BASE: The base is that part of the drilling  machine which holds and supports it too. It is usually bolted to the floor so as to eliminate or decrease the vibrations when the machine starts to function, which can also  affect the work that is done by the drilling machine.
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