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There are some good messaging apps in Google play, familiar to them Google is developing a new app name Google Allo, this app is the 4th coming messaging app of Google which has not been officially released also the date of release of this app is still undecided. This latest messaging app of Google play store enable the users to connect among one another and chat among their friend through Google.


 Features of this latest app of Google

  • This have has a smart reply system- this messing app is just smartly developed where it will learn the communication manner of your and it will reply to the text messages as well images as relation to your communication manner.   
  • Ink- before texting you can apply extra picture or image to photos.
  • Whisper shouts- Here swipe is available where you can use it transform the size and shape of your text messages.
  • Large number of sticker is available- You can add different kinds of sticker to your messages to make design it in a better way.
  • Incognito Mode-  This mode help you to secure your chat messages, as going through this mode you can  brings in action to get private notification also after a while of sending your chat messages you put it to expired list also it can be deleted by its own from both chatter.

Is this messaging app From Google play store release

Many of people are excited to go with this Google latest messaging app and they really crazy but still this messaging app has been yet release publically. People specially the fan of Google are shows much interest and crazy to know when this messaging app will be release, but they are known to the date as it is not even given its release date on it site itself, however it believe that soon it will be released.

Reason why Google will be on top of Whatapps

  • Automatic answer- This messaging app can give its user an automatic answer as it studies the system of its user chat messages through the software, it has very highly developed to learning machine within it.
  • Response on type of picture- This messaging app response to what to the type of picture like you are someone is sending a picture message of beautiful flower than it comment on it like by itself like Wow, lovely etc
  • Formatting text-.The system of formatting text in Google Allo is much better than whatapps as it enable you to decrease and increase the size of your text; you also enlarge the size of sticker picture and many more with it.

Dear reader Google Allo is one of the latest upcoming messaging apps from Google play store, which we all are waiting for. This app has got some cool features within it, and it will be a really bring much advanced to communicating system when it arrives. The releasing date of this messaging app is still not declare yet, infect it is not even given in the on its site itself.  so i do hope so after going through this article you would came to known about this latest messaging apps.       




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  1. Nice review, i was looking for to google allo and thinking whether the app deserves a place in my collection or not!

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